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Fruta Planta


Fruta Planta is a natural weight loss supplement made using everyday Chinese daily diet ingredients.  It can help reduce 15 pounds in a month if clubbed with some regular exercise and a healthy diet,.

What is Fruta Planta?

Fruta Planta is produced by the China-based company Guang Zhou Yanxiang Biotechnology, famous for its herbal weight loss products. The supplement is available on their official website.

How does Fruta Planta work?

Fruit Planta is a weight reduction supplement made using 100% natural ingredients. It removes fat from the buttocks, arms, abdomen, hips, and face while reducing your appetite and suppressing cravings.

It binds and reduces fat intake by 28%, and works best if you:

  • Eat less so that the body burns more fats to produce energy
  • Consume more fibrous and nutritious food
  • Do at least mild exercise every day
  • Drink water to feel full, suppress your appetite and to prevent constipation.

What are its ingredients?

Fruta Planta is a blend of the following ingredients:

·        Radish fruit

Radish helps with the body’s digestion and in the elimination of toxins.

·        Lemon

Lemon helps promote the digestion process, and increases body metabolism.

·        Mangosteen

Mangosteen suppresses your appetite and increases the body’s metabolism. Besides, it’s high fiber content keeps you satiated for a longer period of time.

·        Spirulina maxima

Spirulina maxima is high in protein, which promotes weight loss because the body spends more energy metabolizing proteins.

·        Bitter melon

Bitter melon’s high fiber content and belly fat burning capabilities help in weight reduction.

·        Papaya

Papaya has multiple benefits like improved digestion, high fiber content and its diuretic nature.


Take one capsule of Fruta Planta every day with a glass of room temperature water. Do not take more than this because it can trigger side effects.  Do drink lots of water throughout the day.


  • Helps reduce cravings
  • Helps burn fat
  • Suppresses your appetite


  • Ingredients are not directly related to weight loss, except for mangosteen
  • Spirulina may promote weight gain in some people
  • Some users complained of side effects such as dizziness and jitteriness.

Side effects

Like most supplements, some ingredients may trigger the following side effects in some people:

  • Rashes
  • Constipation
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Jitters
  • Sleeping problems


Fruta Planta can help you lose weight if you follow its dosage and additional tips for quicker weight loss. Make sure you buy your pills from a legitimate source after reading reviews and comparing ingredients with their official website ingredient list.

Many users have given good reviews about the product saying that it helped them lose significant weight especially when accompanied by exercise. Like always, consult your doctor before starting it, especially if you are taking prescription drugs and supplements for other health problems.