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Leisure 18 Mango Slimming Juice

A health and beauty drink


Are you looking for something that can help you lose up to 3-5 pounds in the first week?  Are you always constipated and fed of straining? There’s now a remedy for both your problems in Leisure 18 Slimming Mango Juice.

What is Leisure18 Mango Slimming Juice?

Leisure 18 Slimming Mango Juice is a 100% healthy drink that tastes like a mango drink. It’s fruit and vegetable formula is targeted to help with weight loss by burning excess body fat and improve fat metabolism. Its fiber not only helps ease bowel movements, but also detoxifies the body, and increases your luster and beauty.

It is sold as a pack of 13 sachets of powdered mango juice, weighing 15 grams each. If stored in a cool and dry place the supplement can last for 24 months. It works using modern biotechnology techniques to help eliminate toxins from the body and improve body immunity while helping with weight loss.

How does Leisure 18 Mango Slimming Juice work?

Leisure 18 Slimming Mango Juice is a water-soluble pearl powder that is absorbed by the body. The body, with the help of enzyme hydrolysis technology, transforms the keratin pearls into amino acid pearls and peptides which help reduce body fat.

Leisure 18 Mango Slimming Juice also:

  • Helps you lose 3 to 5 pounds in the first week
  • Strengthens your body immunity levels
  • Expedites your body’s fat metabolism
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Increases your skin and beauty levels
  • Prevents constipation by regularizing defecation for cleaner intestines

What are its ingredients?

Leisure 18 slimming mango juice does so much for your body, all thanks to the following ingredients:

·        Mexico orange fiber extracts

It helps you lose excess body fat, increases your body’s fat metabolism rates, removes toxins from the body and regulates the endocrine system.

·        Collagen protein and amino acid

It increases your body’s luster and beauty.

·        Lissom medical granules

It is the latest defection product, which prevents constipation and regularizes bowel movements.

·        Dietary fiber

It’s konjak and soybean fiber regularizes bowel movements and prevents constipation.


Mix a Leisure 18 Slimming Mango Juice sachet, with preferably chilled water and drink before breakfast every day. Drinking every day for 13 days gives maximum benefits.


  • It’s also a micronutrient and calcium supplement
  • Improves body immunity
  • Helps you lose weight and fat
  • Increases the body’s fat metabolism
  • Helps with detoxification of the body
  • Helps regularize bowel movements
  • Can reduce 40% of fat formation
  • Helps maintain a good body shape
  • Improves your skin color and luster


  • May trigger headache and fatigue in some people

Side effects

Like most weight loss products, Leisure 18 Mango Slimming Juice also contains Sibutramine. It may trigger headache, fatigue and increased heart rate in some people.

Not meant for children, pregnant and nursing women, and for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases and apoplexy.


Leisure 18 Mango Slimming Juice seems to be a complete beauty and health drink. It helps reduce your weight, improves your body metabolism, helps detoxify by regularizing defecation and even adds luster to your skin.

Always consult with your physician before taking any supplement, especially if you are suffering from some health conditions and take medications.