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Leptin Green Coffee

Helps you lose weight without dieting


Do you need help fighting the uphill task of reducing body fat and weight? Are you fed up of seeing no results despite all the exercise and dieting? If yes, try drinking a cup of Leptin Green Coffee every day.

What is Leptin Green Coffee?

Replace your cup of coffee with Leptin Green Coffee for an energy boost to start the day, in addition to curbing your appetite and quickening the body’s fat burning process. Regular consumption of the drink can help get rid of fat and inches in stubborn fat regions like stomach and thighs.

You don’t even have to follow a diet to see results. Just drink a cup every morning, and lots of water through the day, to see results in five days, to a few weeks’ time.

How does Leptin Green Coffee work?

Leptin Green Coffee is a natural, drug-free dietary cup of coffee that comes in a pack of 18 sachets weighing 10 grams each. It’s tasty and creamy to taste, so no added sugar or milk is necessary.

It helps you lose weight because:

  • It is high in antioxidants necessary to stimulate your body’s fat burning process.
  • It helps improve your metabolism to burn more calories
  • It gives you just the right energy boost to excel at whatever you do
  • It curbs your appetite by keeping you satiated for a longer time after meals.

What are its ingredients?

The list of ingredients in Leptin Green coffee includes:

  • Antioxidants that induce thermogenesis and increases the body’s fat metabolism
  • Chromium Piolinate that helps increases the rate of burning carbohydrates and the body’s metabolism
  • Panax ginseng which plays a pivotal role at maintaining energy levels while dieting
  • Heartleaf that helps triggers the fat burning process and reduces the appetite.


Add a sachet of Leptin Green Coffee to 200ml of warm water to and stir thoroughly. Take one sachet before breakfast per day.


  • A creamy cup of coffee that needs no added sugar or milk
  • Increases the body’s fat burning process
  • Helps control your appetite and avoid unnecessary snacking
  • There’s no need for any additional dieting to lose weight
  • High in antioxidants that improve body immunity and cardiovascular health
  • Gives your body an energy boost


  • Can trigger stomach cramping and diarrhea in some people
  • No listed quantities of individual ingredients

Side effects

Leptin Green Coffee doesn’t cause any major side effects. It may, however, trigger severe stomach cramping and diarrhea in people allergic to green tea or green coffee. Stop using the product and consult your physician if you notice changes in bowel movements.


Leptin Green Coffee seems to be safe to help with weight loss, as long as you aren’t sensitive to green tea or coffee. It’s perfect for those who want to lose weight, and get rid of stubborn fat, but are fed up of strict diets.

It helps you lose weight while you enjoy your favorite food. Like any medication, always consult your physician before starting, especially if you are under medication.